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Our Business Process Management Software - WebIT BPM

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WebIT BPM is a web based application for managing your business by connecting and executing both simple and complex business processes.
Processes can be represented graphically with the process modeller.
And business logic can be attached to all steps in the process.



WebIT BPM is a collection of software tools designed to help you save time and money in your day to day operation of your business.

BPM Systems gives you total control of:

  • Designing and modeling your business processes
  • Running your processes on a secure and scalable engine, connecting all your applications and databases.
  • Monitoring and managing your processes and process instances. You can easily find bottlenecks and resolve performance issues.
  • Monitor your key performance indicators(KPIs)
  • Improving and redesigning processes for continuous return of investment and higher efficiency.

For an in-depth discussion about Business Process Management, please read the article What is BPM

WebIT BPM is based on two different notations for description of business processes. To make it easy for business developers and other non technical users to design and discuss processes we use BPMN as the notation for modeling of processes. This gives an excellent overview of the process flow and can be used as guidance for new employees.

Before processes can be executed and perform real work they are mapped to BPEL. This makes them executable and ready for deployment on our process engine. BPEL is another standard for business process management, and is used to accurately describe your processes in minute detail. This is necessary to control the process and react to exceptions and other events.



Our components making up a typical BPM environment consist of

  • a modeler,
  • a process repository,
  • an engine to execute the processes
  • and a portal framework for easy access to task lists and status monitoring. 

To access data and exchange information with external systems we make heavy use of a service-oriented architecture (SOA). Web services providing data and performing external operations, can be attached directly to the tasks in the business model.

Why did we build WebIT BPM?

After many years in the software industry we have long since acknowledged the future is online. Having partners, suppliers and clients in geographically disparate locations make interconnected online systems the sensible solution. This paves the way for implementing a service-oriented architecture.

Small companies often operate in an ad-hoc manner, resulting in lack of consistency and sound performance. We took a close look in the mirror and found this to be the case for us, starting from scratch on every single proposal, no system in filing important documents and poorly organized asset management. We desperately needed guidance and control.

By combining available services with an orchestration tool we finally have what we wanted, and also what we believe other SME’s crave:

  • A reasonable tool giving small and medium size companies access to the same business process improvements as multinationals.
  • Total control of how you implement and customize your business processes.
  • A very good fit with existing products, complementing and fully utilizing them.


BPM market driving forces relate to the need for process use of information that achieves access between every different type of enterprise resource planning (ERP) system.

Our Business process management (BPM) product helps corporations integrate their existing data and applications into new business systems. It allows our customers to more quickly react to changing market conditions by using process models to design and build more flexible applications.

WebIT BPM take the islands of knowledge, data and business rules that represent the core of enterprise activities and unite them into a business system that is accessible to ordinary business people.

Our product offer a business-process oriented framework to manage the integration and information infrastructure of an organization, and is positioned in order to systematically bridge internal and external people to applications and back-end systems.

WebIT BPM enables our customers to be

  • adaptive,
  • responsive,
  • and productive.