Malaysian Businesses -Are you as efficient and in control as you want to be?

WebIT work with Malaysian based companies who use information technology strategically and want to compete in an international market.

If you are like most companies then structure is one of your main priorities. You want to automate work and/or connect software to become more efficient and effective

Controlling processes by analyzing, modeling, executing, measuring and monitoring, helps many businesses compete successfully with foreign competitors, while dramatically increasing their profitability.

Companies that are implementing this approach have been seeing up to 80% re-use of services and 65% decrease at service response time leading to increased customer satisfaction.

WebIT has been a MSC status company since 2005, the founder is Norwegian and has extensive IT and business knowledge from both Malaysia and Norway.  We have for many years helped companies with their IT strategy and helped maximize their potential in important areas of their business.

Please browse this web site for detailed information on how your company can become more profitable.

WebIT Competence - Connecting Talents with Business Goals

Knowledge about skills and competences required to fulfill corporate strategies and remain competitive, is of utmost importance for organizations to initiate appropriate hiring, placement and development of employees.
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Our Business Process Management Software - WebIT BPM

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WebIT BPM is a web based application for managing your business by connecting and executing both simple and complex business processes.
Processes can be represented graphically with the process modeller.
And business logic can be attached to all steps in the process.
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What is Business Process Management?

BPM engine BPM is a top down methodology designed to organize, manage and measure the organization based on it's core processes. Now with new technical improvements, BPM is where all the lofty goals and best strategies of business management is tied together. Read more

Why is BPM relevant for you?

Orchestrate_Assets A growing number of leading companies have begun to believe that a corporate wide focus on processes provides a superior way of managing the company. Read more